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Sony CCD-TR81 Handycam manufactured in 1991. It records on 8mm film with a viewfinder preview..

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Video won't play back in color

I've been trying to find a Hi8 camera to play back all my tapes. I've got a couple, but they are both mono. My original camera is the Sony CCD-TR81.

If I play back a tape on that camera, the video is clear but it's only in Black and White. The sound is clear and in stereo.

I've tried both the RCA composite and the S-Video outputs.

I tried a head cleaner, but no change.

Any ideas?

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julio, go through the menus of this camera. I believe it has a B& W playback option.


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Sometimes, another cam can't play color video because mechanism is set differently from your cam.

I have such issue with a cassette from my sony cam (which was died after a desert ride in Egypt - sand was killed it) and only a professional studio set was able to make a color copy of my videos.

Also may be a color system in that cams defers from yours?

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