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Modèle A1502 / processeur Intel dual-core à 2.4, 2.6 ou 2.8 GHz / Sorti en octobre 2013

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Is there a guide to replace the whole display?

i cracked the display and found the exact same model online and would like to replace it myself considering the repair is 3x the price of the sole display.

wondering if there exists a guide?

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Is this what you are looking for? MacBook Pro 13" Retina Display Early 2013 Display Assembly Replacement. While its for the early '13 version its the exact same as your late '13 model.

I don't recommend trying to replace the LCD unit alone as it's quite hard and you end up damaging a few things in the process.

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Perfect, thank you very much!

i found a display set for a few hundred bucks, and by the looks of it though time consuming, doesn't seem impossible.

just need to see whats more expensive: the display or professional repair.

thanks again!


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