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Water damage caused the screen to go black, but still touch responsive

(Firstly I should say that it was on and charged) I accidentally left my iPod in my trouser pocket and it went through the washing machine (I found it just after the washer had finished) and instantly put it in the boiler room where the towels go to dry it out. After it was in there for the afternoon I tried to turn the screen on but to no avail. So I plugged it into my speaker set (Which also charges the iPod) and saw the screen flicker on and back off a second later so I touched the screen and the same thing happened. The iPod no longer flickers when touched however the blank screen responds to touch as if it were working fine (pauses the song when touching the middle, next/previous song when touch right/left) So I'm wondering if I only need to replace the screen? The computer recognises it as the iPod and the power and volume buttons all work.

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You seem lucky enough to have your iPod still powering on and working despite what it went through. It seems no major component on the board was damaged.

I would suggest opening your iPod, cleaning it from the inside (the logic-board) with "contact spray" or isopropyl alcohol (at least 85%), slightly and LIGHTLY brushing it with a very soft/used toothbrush, drying with a hair-dryer, then replacing the screen with a new one.

This would help remove corrosion and soap residue, to avoid any further damage to any components on the board; because I'm assuming that the water and detergent that got into your iPod may have caused the board components to start corroding, and damage would potentially appear in a while.

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Thanks, I'll order a new screen now and get to work as soon as it arrives.


Update; I got a new screen today and took the iPod apart, cleaned it, then put it back together but I still have the same problem. (however, instead of a black screen, it's now a bright white screen with a few thin horizontal lines in different colours. Any ideas?


I can think of a couple of reasons:

1/ There is a damaged component or connector on the board. Check for corrosion and burn marks first around and on the connector where you connect the LCD. Use a good magnifying lens if possible. Like 10x-20x. You'd be amazed at what you weren't able to see otherwise.

2/ The LCD came defective.

3/ You pulled on the LCD in a manner that damaged the cable.

For 2/3 an easy but costly verification is easy: try a new LCD. Or just take it in for repair to avoid paying for a new screen assembly only to find out that the fault lies on the logic board.


I've looked at the logic board with a magnifying lens but couldn't see any corrosion, however, when I cleaned the logic board last night, I didn't disconnect it from the battery because I don't have a soldering iron (I didn't submerge the logic board, I just rubbed the isopropyl alcohol onto the components) but now my iPod has completely died and I'm not sure if this is caused by some isopropyl alcohol touching the wires connected to the battery, or if it just ran out of power overnight (It also isn't seeming to charge anymore)


This is a (DIY or professional repair-person)' nightmare: an issue seems simple to fix but things keep going for the worse :( It is all speculation at this point, but due to prolonged immersion any and all components could be defective & start showing issues as even micro non-visible corrosion starts taking its toll. That said,


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