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The Canon ImageCLASS MF4350d is an all-in-one color inkjet printer released in 2008.

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printer wrinkles the end of the sheet

After a paper jam, printer wrinkles the end of the sheet. Therefore, printer useless. Is it the fuser? If so, how to replace it?

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Thanks, again, Dan. I had seen those suggestions and, in fact, I was waiting for your answer to attempt. I will. I assume from your answer that there is no specific Repair/Service Manual for my Canon printer or similar. Hope the above suggestions will work to resolve my issue. Santiago.


Canon has them, but you need to pay for them.


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Canon MF4350d laser printer uses a group of rollers and a fuser all of which likely need cleaning, over time the little bits of paper flake off and collect on the rollers making the rollers slippery which then can impact the paper feed.

I would start off getting the the service manual so you can identify all of the rollers and how to get to them. Using a good grade of Isopropyl alcohol on a cloth or cotton swab should clean things up.

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Thanks, Dan, for your help. One issue remaining: I have been unable to locate a Service Manual for my printer, or comparable. Can you help me in finding it?


I found a set of IFIXIT guides for this printer. Take a look at these to see if they help: IFIXIT MF4350d Printer Guides


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