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The first FWD car to be exported to North America by Volvo

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How do I tighten my parking brake?

Currently, my parking break slows the roll of my car when I am in neutral. I need the majority of the stress to be on the break and not the transmission and my break is just not doing its job. It pulls all the way up and supplies little braking, if any. Is there a way to remedy this without taking wheels off?

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Check this out from an 11 year Volvo mechanic, I would tend to go with that answer, even thought I didn't write it.



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The method described there is the exact same as in my Saturn ION. Definitely the easiest way to make normal parking brake adjustments.


Park brake adjustment on 2004 jeep Cherokee - disc brakes ?


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To adjust the tension screw in the center console, you'll need a Torx 50 bit (and a right angle attachment - it's a tight space).

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How do I enter the center console ?


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