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What can I use to seal command key to prevent further cracking?


I have had problems with my command key cracking. Is there any way I can seal it to prevent further cracking? I'm not interested in replacing the key or getting a cover. I also don't care how it looks. I just don't want it to crack or peel off any more than it is.


For anyone that wants to tell me to type differently:

I know this is because of my nails and my typing speed. I want to address this issue before anyone tells me I am typing wrong. My nails are as short as possible (I'm a guy) but still hit the keys directly. I also type 90+wpm, which increases the stress on the keyboard.

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Perhaps a layer of super-glue and left to dry for an hour or two might seal the crack and add some hardness to the key.

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Thanks! I will give it a try. Good idea.


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