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La version Wi-Fi de l'iPad Air d'Apple, numéro de modèle A1474. Disponible en gris sidéral ou argent, il emploie le processeur A7 personnalisé et est livré dans des configurations 16, 32, 64 et 128 Go.

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iPad Air glass screen Replacement, can old digitizer be Re-used?

Correct me if I'm mistaken but Buy (digitizer) I mean the copper coloured film that runs along the frame/screen with the flex cables and connectors, could it be removed and replaced onto a new glass lens?

My iPad has just got a few cracks on the lens, I've watched many videos on the above subject, in the demo's they only hint and never show that a old digitizer can be re-used, as the glass screens can be bought separately it seems logical that the digitizer could be re-used if painstakingly removed.

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well i would be stunned if this works out, but definitely keep us posted!

I think the glass only sellers (on eBay for example) are there to prey on folks that are not aware of the difference between glass only and 'digtizer' They sell the glass with screen removal tools and use phrasing like "tested fully functional" when they are selling a piece of glass, not a digitizer. I wouldn't take the existence of that product as an implication that one could actually salvage the function of a cracked screen and put a new glass top on an original digtizer.

While there is certainly a boom lately in the screen refurbishing biz, there seems to be a pretty steep learning curve. is cheap. Give it a shot---let us know what you find out.


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Hi Aled,

The iPad screen gorilla glass tends to hold together pretty well during removal---I've never bothered with any kind of tape. It is a messy job, so wear some goggles and gloves and you'll be fine.


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Yes, the old digitizer can be re-used if it can be removed without any damage on glass and cable. And you will need a new adhesive sticker like this.

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Thanks Sophia and jessabethany for taking the time to reply, on re-examination/carelessness the damage on the glass is more extensive than I had thought previously, and has spread to the sides, I'm now abandoning the idea and will simply buy a new digitizer/screen.

Will be needing cost affective tape to hold the glass in place during the screen replacement would you suggest strapping tape or a cheaper alternative?

Thanks again for all your time, I have few more questions but do not want to spam your website with them, do you have a Fixit forum or one you can recommend?


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