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The Motorola Droid 4 is a smartphone made by Motorola that was released with Android 2.3 and is upgradeable to Android 4.1.

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Can I replace the charging port?

My phone won't charge anymore. I have done the holding the charger just a certain way to get it to charge. After that stops working, I buy a new charger. I have done this cycle a few times. Now it just won't charge no matter what I do. I want to look into replacing the charging port. Can you guys help me please?



P.S. I know this question has been asked but I was hoping someone could create a guide, since I'm not as experienced.

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I see the tear down guide on ifixit, you can have a look and this can be your guide until you can see the charging port. Motorola Droid 4 Teardown

But if this part in green lines is charging port, i guess it may be soldered on the mother board, so it's not easy to replace it.

Block Image

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Actually the port circled in green is the HDMI video port, the USB charging port is the one next to it to the left. You may be able to improve the situation if you have a good, very small (not available at Radio Shack) soldering iron and a steady hand. Remove the rubber gasket that cover the two ports. Note the port is held down to the motherboard with 4 solder tabs at the sides, in addition to the microscopic connector pins in the middle. Inspect the 4 tabs with a bright light and a strong magnifier, you may note that one of more of the tabs has broken loose from the board. Resolder the tab(s) while using a spudger to press the jack tightly down against the MoBo. Be very careful, and good luck. If the pins have broken loose, you are probably SOL.

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