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What can I do to extend the life of the battery?

I have:

enabled power saving mode

set the brightness of the backlight to the very min

backlight time: 2 secs (min without being off)

EQ: off

crossfade: off

It's a 16GB and I'm only listening to music (anywhere from 192kbps to 320kbps), unless the clickwheel is so sensitive in my pocket that the backlight keeps turning on, it only lasts for about 6-9 hours at a time.

don't know what to do because it was a gift from my ex and I don't have the receipt (although it is within the 1 year warranty.) I haven't tried resetting the settings or returning it to factory state yet and I've recharged the battery for over 4 hours using my PC after letting it fully drain.

Thanks in advance, I'm starting to have a feeling it's a problem with all 5th gen nanos after reading through some other forums.

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since this model is less than a year on the market, you normally need no receipt for the warranty issue. 6-9h is bad (my old 1g nano with it's original battery plays 6.5h (volume set to 100% - and that thing is really loud), my old nano 3g played 25.5h (vol. at 100%) also with the original battery and even my 1g mini makes a good 5.5h loop.

so bring it to apple and let them fix it.

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ok I think I'm going to go ahead and do this because I tried restoring my iPod, charging it fully and it's still not lasting long. If it's still not a good battery life I'll have to see if I can bug the crap out of Apple to get a different iPod--something that actually retains a battery life that is advertised on the packaging.


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