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La 5e génération du téléphone intelligent Galaxy basé sur Android de Samsung fut lancée le 11 avril 2014. Les améliorations apportées au téléphone incluent un lecteur d'empreinte digitale, une caméra améliorée, un plus grand écran et la résistance à l'eau. Il est disponible en 4 couleurs différentes; noir, bleu, blanc et cuivre.

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The display for the phone is blank, but the phone still works

So I'm walking from one building to another, and the there is a slight drizzle outside (not a lot of rain) so I take out my phone for a quick second to check some messages and put it back into my pocket. When I get into the building (about 5 minutes tops) the display is black, but the lights on the bottom of the phone turn on, and when I do my pattern I can unlock my phone. So the phone still works, but the display is black. Any tips? also I don't know if the Galaxy has a reset like an iPhone does, so if you tell me I need to reset it, please tell me how to do so. Thank you for the help

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There is a way to reset the phone in the settings menu, but with the display being black that would be impossible to get to.

I would first try restarting the phone by removing the battery, reinserting it and then holding the power button down. If that does not fix it, there might be something wrong with the display or the display back-lighting. In that case the only option would be to replace the screen.

Luckily, you may still be under warranty since the phone is designed to be water resistant. You could probably have Samsung fix it for free.

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This has happened to me recently with my s5 at 4 weeks old, I sent it back to o2 here in the uk under warranty for repair. They diagnosed it as the LED for the screen is cracked and will not repair it.

Now this phone is pristine condition and is always wrapped up in an otterbox case since it first got turned on. Apparently I have "misused" the s5......WTF! Ive now wasted £700 on a phone that is useless!

Insure your phones people as the quote for the repairs was just over £300 including Vat.


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