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Soldering iPad Mini Dock Connector Flex?

So while removing the motherboard from the iPad mini 1st generation, I damaged the dock connection on the motherboard. Slightly tore it to be exact.

I've tried using a regular soldering iron to remove the dock but that's not working at all.

What's the best way to perform this repair?

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Get an expert to do it. Logic board soldering requires special tools, solder and lots and lots of practice. You can (if you haven't already) destroy multi-layer circuit boards easily with too much heat.

Not every project is a good DIY project, some require more training and materials than the average person possesses. At this point removal of the logic board and taking it to a computer/small electronics shop, as you found out (is a very advanced DIY project) but this will save some $ and allow you to participate in the repair.

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