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A Windows phone known for its camera capabilities. Also known as Nokia EOS, Nokia 909, Nokia RM-875, Nokia RM-877, Nokia RM-876.

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Can LCD and outer screen be separated on Nokia Lumia 1020?

I have a nokia lumia 1020 which has a cracked outer screen, the LCD below is working perfectly and the touch function is also working, can they be separated in order to replace only the outer screen?

I've repaired a samsung galaxy s3 in this manner, but due to the fact there's not alot of help online regards the 1020 i'm unsure if it's based on the same principle.

Any help greatly received.......

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @bikerjodie

Were you able to change the glass on your Lumia 1020?

If yes, then could you please guide us how to do it?

Thanks in advance!



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bikerjodie, the LCD and the digitizer/glass are fused together. Yes, some people separate those with something called an LCD Separator. Then you have to deal with getting the right adhesive to glue the LCD and the glass back together, and you will most likely need a UV source to cure that adhesive. By the time you are done buying the equipment, hoping that you get it apart properly, and more importantly, fusing it back together, the cost will exceed the cost for a complete assembly. I suggest you go with a complete assembly, and use something like this video for a guide. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Thanks for your reply.

I already have the LCD screen separator machine but due to the lumia 1020 being so new, I wasn't sure if it was possible to separate.

I think I'll go ahead and attempt it, I'll use OCA when putting it back together as it doesn't need a uv lamp.

I may put together a tutorial and upload it to help someone else if it can.

Again, thanks for replying.


I dropped my phone this morning while getting out of the car.

Everything works fine except that there is a crack on the screen on one corner.

Did you ever make a guide to remove/replace the front screen?


@jack. did you follow the link in my answer to the video?


I beg to differ. A full LDC assembly (at least in Germany, where I live) cost me around €130 (~$138) when I first repaired my 1020 (it was brand new and landed flat on the glass, so I thought screw it!). Then it happened again a year and a half later and although prices for new LCD assemblies had dropped slightly (around €95 now), I decided to go for the digitizer-replacement-only method this time. Bought a digitizer glass (~ €20, tools included), UV-adhesive (~ €5), adhesive-remover (~ € 3), and a UV-lamp (~ € 15). For a total of under € 45 (~ $48) and with the aid of a heat source (conventional blowdryer) and a plastic playing card, I was able to replace my LCD digitizer at less than half the cost of a full LCD assembly -which is admittedly easier to install, but hey, aren't we in for the fun of tinkering with things too? ;-)

Unfortunately I couldn't make a video guide, as I don't have an extra camera...


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Yes, you can seperate and change the outer screen of lumia 1020,indeed if you are a DIY guy it is a little tricky. I have a lumia 1020 whose outer screen got shattered but the touch and the inner screen was still working ,I however fixed my screen that way but i eventually ended up with minor defects , its not impossible if you have patience and steady hands ,I did not find any guide on this kind of repair of 1020 but i did refer to the iphone guide (

You can buy the screen replacement kit at (

Good luck.

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I found this video showing the process on a similar Nokia phone. It looks like it is possible, but tricky and time consuming.

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I tried to replace only the glass and failed. Maybe with proper tools & chemicals. Basically the glass is glued to the 'digitizer' extremely well. Hard to separate old glass without wrecking the digitizer. I bought a glass/digitizer combo for about $60 on ebay. (Just the glass was $ 2.80, and a wrecked digitizer.)

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