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No screen after glass replacement

Hi there,

i have no screen after glass replacement the glass i ordered

is full soldered from the supplier on eBay.

when i plug the iPad with iTunes i heard the sound of connection but still no screen on iPad.

I'm not sure that because of the backlight, coz i powered off the ipad before began to fix the cracked screen.

thank you for your help.


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It is either backlight or LCD. You can know for sure if it is backlight by testing across the backlight fuse for continuity. If the multimeter beeps, it is not the fuse. If not, then it is the fuse.

I think there are five or six of us that regularly do ipad mini backlight repair. FYI $50 isn't the best price out there right now for just a straightforward fuse replacement.

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Hello Abdellatif, does the iPad have NO picture or when you turn it on is there a very fait picture. If so this would be your backlight. Sometimes shutting off the iPad isn't enough with the mini's and you actually need to disconnect the battery terminal for it to not burn up that backlight. I would try disconnecting the backlight now and see if that fixes the backlight issue however if that doesn't the is a company that does backlight repair for $50. Go to to check them out!

Best of luck!

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3 commentaires:

Hi DonleySeibel,

I appreciate your fast replay

My Ipad mini have no picture when i turn it on,no picture nothing

but i can hear SIRI said "Siri is not availible connect to internet"

If that caused by this blacklight i will send it to

Than you.



Hmmm it usually doesn't turn off the picture completely I would check and make sure that your LCD is all the way plugged in and maybe try disconnecting the battery terminal and then reconnecting is. Also are you using an ASD static-free mat? This can cause problems with the mini although not common it can happen!



Do you think it's better to send it to ?

By the way i don't use ASD static-free mat.


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If it is the backlight then yes, unless you are very comfortable with micro soldering.

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I second the power cycle. Disconnect the battery or preform a hard reset to see if this remedies the issue.

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