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Screen glitches and pixely after replaced digitizer

I recently replaced the digitizer on a friends ipad mini and when i rebooted it the screen is very pixely and is jumping around and is glitchy. Ive tried reconnecting everything and i dont think its the digitizer causeing the problem because i disconnected it and it still was acting this way.

these are some pictures they are not blurry the screen looks like that

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a picture go's a long way. update with a picture.


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That is an LCD problem.

Disconnect battery first, then take off the LCD and reseat the connector. Look closely for any accidental damage to the motherboard. If you don't see any (most likely case), then order a new LCD to solve.

It is very very common to damage the LCD in the iPad mini on removal---especially if it is a 4G model with tape at both top and bottom.


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