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Le Samsung Galaxy S3 est un smartphone multi-touch, au format ardoise, capable de suivi oculaire, au stockage accru et avec une option de recharge sans fil.

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touch not working only touch

touch not working only touch . screen work but touch not work

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this happend to me and i had to get a new phone. you can't fix this.


tnx I have just one question does this work


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mutaman, you do not need to get a new phone. You will need to get a new digitizer. since the display assembly is fused, and you most certainly do not have a LCD separator tool at hand, I suggest to you replace the front panel assembly. Here is the guide for it and the part is available at places like this as well as many others. Hope this helps, good luck.

Image Galaxy S III (AT&T/T-Mobile) Screen


Galaxy S III (AT&T/T-Mobile) Screen


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tnx I have just one question does this work


mutaman, yes it will. Did you notice that the link points to a lot of 10 pieces:-)? I got a couple of assemblies through aliexpress until I finally ended up with a good supplier. Contact Lynne Lin on Skype xinxintech11 from and see if they can give you a good deal.


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