Identify capacitor/resistor that shorted out on logic board

Hey guys. The cushion thing that covers the cable connection for the wifi/isight/Bluetooth slid out of place, causing a short in a part in my logic board. I'd like to replace this piece but I cannot identify it.

Brief history of laptop:

New battery

New optic drive

Upgraded ram to 8gb

Ssd harddrive.

Suffered water damage. Replaced logic board.

Everything worked great for a few days until I noticed wifi saying "no wifi hardware installed". Then I observed this on the logic board.

Images can be seen here:

Looks as though a few other people have had this issue and no one has any results in resolving it. A 25 cent cap sounds a lot better than a 200 dollar repair.


Block Image

Here is an image of my repair. The inductor is impossibly small, so i soldered it to two thin copper wires that I then attached to the respective spots on the logic board. I then laid down electric tape so as to not let it short circuit anything else, and followed up with a small dab of hot glue to not allow the wires to shift anywhere.

Afterwards I turned on the computer and viola! Wifi works and so does isight! Thanks again for your help!

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Nick, two things you have to do. First is to give us the last three digits of your computers serial number, or the logic board number 820-XXXX. Second post an image with your question. The link you posted does not work for me.


(This image is of someone else's MacBook Pro a1286, but is identical to what I see on my logic board)

Try this link maybe? When I get home I can upload a picture for you, as well as provide the serial number you requested.


the images your linked to have the identical component fail? These images do not tell us what board you have. It would really help if you post an image of your board and point out the missing component.


My boards serial number is 820-2330-A


The part is the black rectangle directly to the right of c3422 as seen in the picture provided here:

I cannot upload any pictures from my cellphone. In the link above the person was missing c3422. I have that but the one next to it fell off from being shorted out. The schematics are unclear to me, and if it's a capacitor I don't know which orientation I would be installing the +/-


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Nick, if you are having issues with the identical component as in your linked to image, then you are missing reference designator L3404. It is a FERR-120-OHM-1.5A inductor in a 0402 package. A Murata BLM15EG121SN1 would be a perfect match. You can get it right here as well as many other places. this inductor is part of your WLAN circuit and could be responsible for your issues. It requires special skills and tools to solder a SMC like this inductor back on the logic board. If you have never done it, I suggest to practice on an old board first. Hope this helps, good luck.

Block Image

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Thank you! Just ordered a few . I have a few resistors lying around but didn't want to risk anything because I don't really know what I'm doing :) . I do have a very fine tip for my soldering iron made out of a copper coil... I'll let you know how it goes by the end of this week.


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