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MacBook Core 2 Duo fan Compatibility with other MacBook


I have MacBook Core 2 Duo A1181

5 month ago my MacBook fan start making noise and

Began not working properly and the sound rises more and more

I am from Iraq and there is no office or workshop for the maintenance of Apple products, and I was one of the friends brought me a fan but it for MacBook

Unibody Model A1278

before i open or do anything

Is it fit and ok or not, is it possible to use

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Sadly, I don't think it will work.

Apple makes enough changes with the different series of systems to require different parts.

The fan unit you want is Apple P/N 922-8273 what you got was 661-4946.

Now that you have the correct P/N try searching for it online for someone you can get it from.

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thank you Dan

I will cheek what i have


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