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Retina Display differences between models

MacBook Pro 15" Retina Display Late 2013

My 2013 15" Retina display is broken (seems to be from gripping it too tight or something). I ordered a replacement screen assembly but it was from a 2012 and the camera cable is not compatible with the late 2013. I am having trouble finding a late 2013 assembly at a reasonable price and/or from a faraway place (think China.)

I am getting conflicting advice on whether the only difference in the 2012/late 2013 display assembly is the camera cable or if the display panel is also different.

Recommend a good place to do the surgery (closer to Atlanta the better) would help too-(I know about Mission and IResq)



Update (06/02/2014)

Thanks. Not comfortable giving out serial on a public forum but it is a late 2013 retina 15" with Iris pro 5200 Graphics chip. I'm Apple Certified Tech (ACMT). Ordered a rebuilt screen assembly on Ebay- apparently ultimately sourced from China bulk purchase. The 2012-early 2013 displays are seemingly identical with the exception of the camera cable having a different pin configuration. If I thought the only difference is the cable I would consider sourcing and replacing the glass myself. If it's a different display also, likely send it to Mission a Repair or elsewhere that has the necessary expertise.

Open to other ideas to move the process along.


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Please give us your serial number so we know your exact machine. Located on the back in very fine print. I'm a Mac surgeon. With priority mail I'm pretty close.


Where did the replacement display come from? Any numbers on it or the receipt?


I haven't separated the display from the clamshell so I do not have the part number.


How much did the correct replacement display cost? I have my reasons for asking. Has it been dropped or received liquid damage?


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Hey John

To start off you should definitely go onto Apple's website and enter your serial number to get the specific names, and information about your MacBook. After getting this information you can then order the correct screen assembly that is required for your Mac. Each MacBook is slightly different and I wouldn't recommend taking any screen assembly apart to try to make it compatible.

If you have a Late-2013 you shouldn't necessarily have a problem finding the screen assembly for your machine, all you really need to know is the model number. Since display's are generally straight forward in model numbers, you shouldn't have an issue finding the correct one. iFixit has the replacements, just find your model number to start.

If you suspect the replacement display you bought isn't compatible or doesn't work return it to get your money back. Note that the difference between Retina Displays and Standard Displays are the quality of the picture. Retina displays can fit more pixels per frame than standard screens, which in terms give you better quality.

Good Luck!

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