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The Dell XPS 10 tablet comes with Windows RT, Office Home and Student 2013 RT. Model number: XPS10-2727BLK.

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How can I replace the battery in a Dell XPS 10 tablet?

My Dell XPS 10 tablet will only stay on when plugged in. Prior to my issue, the battery would last for upwards of 7 hours. After leaving it off for 36 hours (and still plugged in to the dock) during an international flight, it's now telling me no battery is detected. I can only have it on while plugged in to either the charger or the dock. I can't seem to find any instructions on how to open the tablet. I want to make sure the battery is seated properly, and if so, replace it. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Joe Morris, use the first few minutes of this video. It will show you how to open up your XPS 10 so you can check.

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