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Why am I getting a broken folder icon?

Just replaced the 1TB HD with a 3TB from an older Mac but was also running Snow Leopard.

After several tries, I continued to get the broken icon icon on attempted boot up.

When I put the original HD back it booted up fine and likewise with the 3TB back in the late 2007 20-iMac

Are there HDD incompatiblitiy issues?

They are both Seagate 7200.

Please advise as have 2 torn apart iMac and need them up and running.

thank you in advance

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There may be OS compatibility issues if so this is a software, not hardware problem.

If you are seeing the circle with a slash through it the "system" is not (or files/kernels) are not compatible and a reinstall will correct it. If you are seeing the flashing "?" then there is no usable system folder (the old Mac may have been a PowerPC) or the HD is not mounting.

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Thank you Machead3,

You are correct.

I shift+option R restarted and got the disk to load.



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