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Broken Reset Switch - how to reset to factory settings

I used a little bit too much power and broke the reset Switch of the device.

Now i cant use the Airport because i cant reset the settings to configure it using Airport Utility.

What i tried:

-remove current & battery for some weeks, but it kept all the settings.

-turn Battery around for a while, during dissconected current.

-reset via the contacts where the switch was located.

Ideas i have:

-Put the software new on the router, theis will force factory defaults. But how? Didn't find anything via Google. Is there something like the "Iphone Admin Tool"?

-Connect via IP Adress or Mac Adress (No solution i found)

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You may be able to have a local electronics shop solder a micro switch to replace the one you broke off (I would not attempt to do this yourself - it's easy to destroy a logic board with too much heat)... component soldering requires special tools and lots of experience.

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