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La 5e génération du téléphone intelligent Galaxy basé sur Android de Samsung fut lancée le 11 avril 2014. Les améliorations apportées au téléphone incluent un lecteur d'empreinte digitale, une caméra améliorée, un plus grand écran et la résistance à l'eau. Il est disponible en 4 couleurs différentes; noir, bleu, blanc et cuivre.

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Phone has water damage, can I fix this on my own?

I was using my s5 in the hot tub. This was never a problem before. The phone dropped out of the hot tub and I put it right back in not realizing that the back seal had broken slightly. Ever since it has been freezing up and working very slowly. It thinks I am holding down the buttons when I am only pressing them once. Every time I press the home button it goes to the search page and I cannot get off of that page unless I continually press the back button or take out the battery. It is still usable, but very inconvenient. I have insurance through my carrier, but it will be close to $200 to have it repaired. That is as much as I paid for it brand new. I am wondering if there is a way for me to repair it on my own.

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Yo open up a s5 you have to first take the screen out to get inside and this is very very risky as breaking the screen is easy if I were you I would make an insurance claim

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