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What's wrong with my power adapter and charging?

My MBP17 Unibody has developed problems with the charging sequence.

When my MagSafe adapter is plugged in, the light does NOT come on, nor does the light come on when using the MagSafe adapters from other MacBook Pros. All, however, work properly with the other MBPs.

When the charge falls below about 85%, the indicator in the window headers shows "not charging", but in fact it actually does charge.

All in all, I suppose that the system is OK, as the computer does indeed charge. These issues, however, do concern me and I'd like to repair them before selling the computer, which has already been upgraded.

I suspect I might know what might be causing the problem, but I'd prefer like to hear suggestions before voicing my own.

Thanks for any help.

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Try a SMC and a PRAM reset, info on how to do that is available on apple in detail. if both of these fail and your sure that the AC adapter is working, you can try replacing the DC in Jack.

I had a similar problem, which was fixed by replacing the DC jack

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Thanks for the feedback, Waseem.

I had tried resetting both SMC and PRAM (tho SMC would have been the most relevant option), with no luck. I suspected the DC-in jack as well, but thought it wise to get another opinion before change out a part that may not be the solution.

You indicated that you had a "SIMILAR problem". In what way was it different?



Hi Jack,

The similar problem i was referring to, was with my Macbook pro retina, the light on the Magsafe did not come on and it wasn't charging, i replaced the dc in board and instantly had orange light on and it was charging fine. In your case, its either the DC Board thats faulty or the logic board. I suggest you start by replacing the DC board as its the cheapest.


That sounds pretty close, Waseem. I have a DC Board on order. Thanks again.



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