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Ultra-compact, high-end camera released in July 2006, identified by model number DMC-FX07.

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Why are my photos black?

I am thinking of following your guide to replace the LCD screen on my DMC-FX07, but I am not sure if it is definitely the problem. Yes I can turn on my camera, and the screen is black. However the crosshair is still visible on the screen, and would I see that if the LCD screen was the problem? Moreover, when I plug the camera into the computer the photos are black, so it is not just that I cannot see them on the camera screen.

Could the lens be the problem, and if so is it fixable/ replaceable?


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Ruairi, sounds like your LCD is okay but your lens assembly is not. I would replace that assembly first.

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Thanks a lot, any tips on how to do so?



download the service manual by going to this page. Scroll all the way down and click on the blue link. That will download the manual.


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