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A touchscreen smartphone made by LG released in September 2013 with the model number VS980.

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Can I fix a broken screen on an LG G2 Sprint LS980?

My phone is LG G2 Sprint LS980. I have crack screen on my phone. When i want to repair it, i have to find the suitable lcd screen first. Are there two types of LG G2 Sprint LS980, which are GSM and CDMA ?? is there any different between LG G2 Sprint LS980 GSM and CDMA ?? Please answer me as soon as possible ..

Because in online shop LCD Screen LG G2 Sprint LS980 only compatible with CDMA ..


Hello Friend "z3pcs",,

According to my promise to you, here I will attach some photos of my phone. I have brought my phone to LG center in here, and they helped me to open the back cover. I hope you can give some suggestions for LCD Screen which is compatible with my phone. Please help me ..

Here it is ....

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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The two types of screen might not be compatible. It's probably the same problem as with the Nexus tablets: the 8GB LCD is not compatible with the 16GB's (in this case CDMA with GSM).

The question is: which phone do you have? Do you have 3G, or not? The info is sometimes found beneath the battery.

Good luck and don't be afraid to ask;)

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My Phone is LG G2 Sprint LS980, the network is GSM. I have tried to find it on ebay but, in ebay they said that the LCD Screen is only compatible with CDMA although it's compatible with LS980. It's the same type as i have. In your opinion, is it also compatible with my phone ??

I try to find LCD Screen for GSM version but, the type of LCD Screen is different from my type's. What should I do ?? Can you help me to find the compatible LCD Screen for my phone, please ?? I need to repair it as soon as possible because there are some documents that i saved in it..

Please help me ..

Please give me your answer as soon as possible ..

Thank you ..


Kit on ebay, including tools.

Check the numbers located underneath your battery and post them here.

P.S. Can't you get the documents of your phone using a USB cable and a pc?


Thank you for the link, but is it compatible with my phone ?? Actually, I can't open the back cover by myself, I will bring it to LG Center in here to open it tomorrow and I will give you some pictures of my phone too. So, you can know the part of my phone... What documents do you mean ?? Is it like photos, songs or another ?? Thank you ..

By the way, where are you from ?? Thank you for helping me ... :)


Dear Dewi,

I am sorry for my late reply, I was on a holiday...

I checked the images you supplied and my conclusion is that the screen from the link should work.

You should be able to get all documents off the Phone using a USB-cable, you only need to tick "USB Mass storage" on your Phone.

I'm from Holland, Western Europe;) You're welcome!(:


Dear Friend,

It's okay. Never mind. But, actually I have waited your reply for a long time, and now I have bought LCD Screen from USA... How's your holiday ?? Where did you spend your holiday ?? It's beautiful place, I guess...

Now, I hope the LCD Screen that I bought can be compatible with my phone, because the seller said so... I think I can't get documents from my phone, because now my phone is locked, and I can't unlock it because my LCD Screen is broken... Now, I can't use my phone anymore... :(

If my LCD Screen has been received, I will let you know...

I'm sorry if my English is not good enough ... :)

I'm from Indonesia... Thank you for your help friend... :)


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Lgg2 sprint

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