Screen demolished when laptop thrown.

I have seen the instructions for replacing the screen and could perform easily. My problem is parts recognition. The Model # starts with NP300E5A and has 5 digits following, it is supposed to be a 15.6" screen, and I believe uses a LED backlight. Does that extra 5 digits really mean a flip, or as long as I understand the specs of the screen, can I get most any 15.6" screen with those specs?

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That certainly gives me enough to work with.

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Andrew Belden, those last 5 digits most often describe what hardware your laptop has installed. Best way of making sure that you get the right display is by looking at the old displays model and serial number. Contact the vendor of your choice and give them your computers make and model number as well as your LCD's model number. that way you can rest assured that you get the right one. Hope this helps,good luck.

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