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Will the Mid 2009 dual drive hardware work on a Mid 2012?


a year ago i've bought the MacBook Pro 15" Unibody 2.53Ghz Mid 2009 Dual Hard Drive hardware.

Now that im about to upgrade my laptop to a Mid 2012, i was wondering if i could use the hardware i've bought then on my new machine.

Thanks in advance.

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If you are buying a retina model sadly no. If you are getting the last in the non-retina model we encountered issues in many as the optical drive SATA port runs slower than the HD SATA port (depending on the MHz of your system). There are other issues related to the anti-crash services that also make dual HD's or HD with SSD setups iffy on laptops. We gave up doing it as we had more problems than it was worth.

Frankly, if you really want to improve the boot time I would go with swapping out the HD for a SSHD unit Vs a dual drive setup. Seagate makes a good one.


You'er getting warm here ;-} It's the issue of the SATA spec of the given I/O port and the given device you are using on it.

Think of it this way you won't drive a Porsche race car on a dirt road nor would you drive a tank down the race track. Each has been designed to work within a given environment.

So in this case the current HD is in its ideal location - The current HD SATA port (Porsche & racetrack). Moving it over would be not ideal in some models as the optical drive SATA port is slower (Porsche & dirt road). And you still have your SSD which maybe slower than what the HD SATA port can use (tank on a race track).

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Thanks for your reply Dan.

Right now i have a Macbook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo 2.53Ghz Mid-2009 with a dual boot system wich includes a 250Gb Samsung 840Pro SSD on the original hhd space and the original 320Gb HDD in the optical drive space.

It works flawlessly.

Now i want to upgrade to a MacBook Pro 15'' i7-2,3GHz Mid 2012, keep the 250GB SSD, and swap the optical with the original HDD that comes with the laptop.

Honestly, i can't tell if it is retina, or non-retina (maybe you can help me with that).

Do you still think i might find any problems on this new setup?

Thanks for your time.


The retina models don't have an optical drive. As I stated the speed of the system you buy will be a factor if it will work on the non-retina model. The Apple supplied drive will be a SATA III (6.0 Gb/s) unit so it may not play well in the optical SATA port location (again depending on the models MHz). The SSD may end up being better served in the optical SATA port in the carrier. Or better still getting a SSHD and just swapping out the HD. If you want to still use the SSD think about getting a USB 3 external case for it.


Thanks once again Dan.

If i can prevent to spend anymore money, that would be perfect.

So, I'll have to test it out, keeping in mind that probably the best setup is to have the SSD on the Optical bay and leave the 500GB HDD supplied in its own place.

PS. I dont know what you mean, when you say " the speed of the system you buy will be a factor". I've said that it will be a 2.3Ghz. Am i getting it wrong? Isnt that the speed that you are talking about?


Yes, you did point out what you had planned on buying. Because you still could alter your direction I had to leave my comment a bit open here (in case you altered your choice). Here's the OWC Note on the issue: OWC Data Doubler Review the Special compatibility notes section at the bottom.


Ok. now it makes more sense to me. "There is no way to specify/order this data interface with Apple, but you can confirm what interface version your optical bay...". Im not sure and there's no way of finding it right now, but hopefully it will be a MacBookPro9,1, that way i wont have any problems, installing the SSD on the main bay, and the HDD on the optical bay, right? On the other hand if i get a MacBookPro8,2 version, i might have problems, so i should install them the other way around. Can it be that simple? Sorry for being a bit noob...


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