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the Dell Dimension 8300 was a high-end desktop hailing from 2003. it has socket 478 processor support and came with 4 GB of ddr2 RAM

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How to replace the fan?

How do I replace the cooling fan?

Can anyone recommend where to get an original fan or a compatible replacement?

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Delta Mike, download the service manual from here. you did not tell us if you are referring to the case fan, the PSU fan or the fan in the heatshroud for your CPU. If it is the CPU fan then all you have to do is to open the case, lift the shroud that covers the processor and remove the fan. Follow the power lead to the motherboard and remove the connector. If you look at the fan you should find some release tabs that lock the fan in place. Press the tab and it should then easily pull away. as to where to purchase it, that will depend on your geographical location. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Sorry not to reply sooner. My new fan is working perfectly thanks, DM.


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