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6ème génération de l'Apple iPhone, annoncé le 12 septembre 2012. La réparation de cet appareil est similaire aux précédents modèles et nécessite des tournevis et des outils pour ouvrir et faire levier. Disponible en GSM ou CDMA / 16, 32 ou 64Go / Noir ou Blanc.

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Torn Front-Facing Camera Ribbon Cable causing screen artifacts?

I opened my phone earlier today to check for a loose power cable connection (the power button hadn't been working right since I replaced my battery) but opened it too quickly and tore the front-facing camera and sensor ribbon cable. Somehow, I didn't tear any of the other 2 connectors that connect the screen to the main assembly of the phone.

I figured it would be a quick fix, I just need to order another cable and then open up the phone, but when I tried turning on the phone to make sure nothing else had been damaged, it wouldn't boot. Instead I was met with these strange screen artifacts and nothing else.

I'm assuming the issue is still with that single cable (perhaps it being detached tripped some kind of pre-boot test in the phone and so it refused to boot), but I wanted to make sure I didn't need to order anything else. Could something else be wrong with the phone that's causing these artifacts, or is it just the detached front-facing camera and sensor?

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Those boxes are usually indicative of a bad connection to the LCD. Where the bad connection is would be anyone's guess. The cable could have been strained where it attaches to the LCD, or it could have been bent, folded, stretched along it's length. It could also be the connector on the ribbon side, the connector on the logic board side or simply both of them where they meet. You may want to replace the LCD to get new cabling. If that doesn't fix it you are likely going to be dealing with logic board damage.

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