Mi-2006 / numéro de modèle A1181 / coque noire ou blanche / processeur Intel Core Duo de 1.83 ou 2.0 GHz.

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No black felt tape on fan

Macbook A1181 13 2.0GHz (Intel core duo)

I bought my macbook used in February. I had to open it up to clean it and noticed that it doesn't have the black tape on the grill of the heat sink where it meets the fan. I am about to have to replace the fan, would it be ok to leave it or should I cover it. If I have to cover it what can I use?

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The tape guides the air flow to exit instead of re-entering the system.

Yes you want to put the tape back on look at the IFIXIT guide: MacBook Core Duo Fan Replacement

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Ok, but there is no tape to replace. What can I use to cover that space?


No problem a piece of sheet plastic or just electrical tape will work. The only issue if you use tape is you don't want to have the exposed adhesive of the tape uncovered to the air flow. Take a narrower piece to cover the area (the tape glue surfaces facing each other)


I really like these tapes and the price is reasonable: Electrical Tape in 6 Assorted Colors


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