My MacBook turns off after startup

Yesterday I accidently spilled some alcohol on my macbook. I immediately turned it off and next day I oppened up macbook and clean everything with an 70% alcohol. I looked like there was no fluid on motherboard and other chips.

Then I tried to turn it on, it has booted up and after minute just blacked out. I tried to turn it on again, after logo it just blacked out again. I tried a several times sometimes it goes like the first time, but most of time it just shut down after logo.

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Start off by giving us the last four digits of your serial number. That will help us to properly identify your computer and its hardware.


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70% denatured alcohol still contains too much water... 90% or better is what you should use. Running it so soon after wetting may have shorted components. Examining with a magnifier looking for corrosion, burned or swollen components may point out such damage.

Replacing logic board components (soldering multi-layered logic boards) is a very advanced DIY project... generally I advise those who do not perform such tasks regularly (as in making a living repairing small electronics) turn that job over to a professional.

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