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Home button not working after speaker replacement (contact clip issue)

I replaced the speaker on my iPhone 5, and there is a tiny flex cable that was on top that I had to peel off since it was glued to the speaker. Now the home button doesn't work at all. Does anyone know how I can fix this? I ordered the assembly for the entire lightning dock already, but I had the same problem with another iPhone and I think I might be breaking them.

All I did was lift it up with a screwdriver and now it does not work at all, and I tried a different screen just in case it was the flex cable on the screen (it wasn't).

Anything I can try to do to fix it? I used alcohol, made sure the shape was right, but I think it is broken.

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Lift the screen up and have it connected and turned on lock the screen so it goes dark and touch the two gold contacts you are on about with the metal part of the screw driver.. Touch both at the same time. If the screen activates then the part is ok if it doesn't then you have damaged the part... If it does activate then just slight bent the contacts up slightly it's possible they arnt touching the home button contact pads

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Thank you for your help. It is indeed broken. Now I know how to check them, and I was able to frankenstein it from another iPhone! Thank you!!


Not a problem mate


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