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Can I change the plug end?

Is it possible to replace the connecting plug (that which is plugged into the computer) on my 85 watt adapter from an original mac mini to the miniscule 2.5 (2.55?) millimeter plug needed for an apple ibook4g? I have no problem cutting the wires and adding new end, but if there is an adapter that can be assembled and added to the existing plug end that would be great.

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Sadly, no.

The power adapters are very different designs. The newer MagSafe models have a feedback circuit which yours does not (the middle pin).

You should be still able to find a replacement unit (may take a bit of searching).

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Thanks. Yes they are available, but not cheap.


Can the entire magsafe cable be taken away and replaced with the mini?


The design difference is within the power block its self. Changing the wire won't help here. Think of it this way you can't use diesel fuel in a gasoline engine or visa versa.


I just took a look online. I see them for about $15 US which is cheaper than a MagSafe unit $30 US.


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