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iPad Mini digitizer replacement going terribly wrong.

After finally getting my new digitizer, I removed the old one successfully getting the digitizer off the front. When I started unscrewing the lcd, two screws came off fine. These two screws were at the top of the display. The two screws at the bottom however were not coming off so easily. My dad finally got them off after tinkering with them for about 30 minutes. Next, the lcd would not lift as easily as stated here and on multiple guides and videos! So my dad went to take a break and I go over to see if the lcd is still working. I pushed the lock button to find what looked like a crack on the lcd along with a very glitchy and unreadable display! iFixit said "After dispatching the four screws securing the lcd, we were able to lift it.". A few YouTube videos showed the guys lifting the lcd onto the digitizer and moving onto the metal plates! Absolutely none of the videos or guides mentioned a lcd that won't lift up! Please someone explain to me why none of the guides or videos I watched had these issues?

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The LCD is super thin and is stuck down with adhesive on each side my guess is you have stressed the LCD and broken it ..

It's says on step 33 that the LCD is stuck to the metal frame so it was telling you..

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The should have said that at the step where the lcd was lifted. Our lcd never lift like they described. This will be the last time I will replace something like this myself. Can you give me your email so I can send you photos of this thing?


iPad mini is the most difficult to repair of all idevices


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