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La PlayStation est la première console destinée au marché de masse du constructeur Sony.

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ps1 Wont read memory card, and not vibrate

I have a psone slim model 101, that wont read mcs and the joystick wont vibrate, i tested others mcs and joystick and nothing, this problem sstarted when I open the console and the button that turn on the laser I used a screwdriver to press the button and the tip fall on the fuse and make a small sparkle, sorry for my english but i think u can understand, i hope u people answer my question

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ls92, it could help if you can explain this "I used a screwdriver to press the button and the tip fall on the fuse and make a small sparkle" a bit more. Or you can post some images of the area with your question. This way we could try to determine if you shorted out some component. Use this guide Ajout d'images à une question existante to help you with that.


I had problems with my PS1 memory cards not reading on my PS1 but ik they're good cause I tried them on my PS2 but I didn't have the screw driver accident I have no clue why they don't work


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well i cant tell for sure if this happens on ps1, but on ps2 the memory card and controlers share the sabe ribbon cable. check if its loose. if its not, take it out and put it back in anyway, do a little blowing on the sockets in the mean time. after that, fire the badboy up and see if it works ;)

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