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Fourth generation of the Toyota Pickup.

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Truck shutting down while moving

symptoms started with all lights (cab, dash, headlights, tail) getting extremely dim, followed by several jerks from either the engine or the transmission, then when shifted into neutral the engine shut off entirely, when put back into any gear releasing the clutch would roll start the engine, but there was no response from the gas what so ever, engine oil is good, coolant and radiator are good, battery is brand new, fuses are good, lines and wires are good, air and oil filters are new, class 1 leak on the underbelly of the truck where the transmission is, engine will not turn over, upon attempting to start vehicle all lights that remain on dim.

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Hey Sam

I am not a mechanic and my knowledges on vehicles are limited, but could it be that the alternator is faulty and your batteries are just dying because they are just not charged.

I found this interesting guide here:

That probably contains your answer

Good luck schusy

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Hi Sam

After trickle-charging my 1984 Toyota's battery to full, my truck would eventually putter out in a similar fashion.

I could eek out a few more miles if I kept the headlights, radio, and brake-lights to a minimum (leading to some questionable driving habits for a week or so).

How's your idle? What I thought was an unrelated occurrence – a slightly high idle and reduced gas mileage – was actually the culprit.

The negative battery ground on a 1984 Toyota pickup runs to the choke. A bad choke will cause a "choke always on" symptom, and a bad ground will keep the battery from charging (even with good fuses, a working alternator, and solid wiring).

Keep on chasing the ghost Sam!

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