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Guide de réparation pour les téléphones produits lar Nokia, incluant les smartphones et les emblématiques "brick phones". Cette categorie ne concerne que les téléphones dont le système d'exploitations n'est pas Android ou Windows Phone.

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Do I need to replace digitizer or LCD screen on Nokia Lumia 820?

Hello everyone!

I dropped my Nokia Lumia 820 on the ground.

The phone works as I can turn it on, but I can't see anything.

After dropping it, I noticed a few (perhaps behind the glass) cracks. I could still click on things, but everything was fading until now where almost the entire screen is black.

So basically, I can turn it on, I can theoretically click things but there is no point as the screen is now black.

Do I need a phone digitizer or LCD screen?

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Andy, since you can not see anything, you will need a new LCD. Personally I recommend a new display assembly which includes the digitizer. A lot less hassle and almost guaranteed to work without any issues. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Thank you very much for your answer! :)

I've decided to buy a new LCD. The YouTube videos of replacing the LCD on the 820 makes it look somewhat easier than other phones. Hopefully all goes well!

Thanks once again!


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