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Is there an upgrade MB for this A1212 that uses a SATA HD?

My A1212 2.33 Ghz MBP wont turn on, I R&R the Left IO card with a known good card, and no change in condition. If its the logic board, is there a newer logic board that uses SATA hard drive instead of the PATA interface that will fit inside? thanks,

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This machine has an SATA Int. HD Interface: Serial ATA (1.5 Gb/s). I don't think we've had PATA since the G4's.

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Thanks! While waiting, I took it apart again, and actually pulled the connector off and confirmed it was SATA. Looking at the HD cable connected made me think it was PATA. Do you know if the round locating metal tabs on the Mac battery close an magnetic switch? I put in a Non-apple battery with plastic round pins and the laptop will not boot with the battery in, but runs fine with the new battery out. (The old battery swelled up and it would not turn on with battery out. R&R the left IO card allows it to power on and work). THANKS again...


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