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Modèle début 2011, A1278 / 2.3 GHz i5 ou processeur 2.7 GHz i7.

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Mac is slow when not plugged in


I was having major issues with my mac. It was incredibly slow and some programs would cause the mac to freeze. I reinstalled the whole system a number of times. I now have a macbook pro that is exactly like when I bought it. I deleted almost everything off it. It runs great, when it is plugged into the charger. The battery is fully charged. The laptop will run without the charger just exceptionally slow. In addition to this, I still have the problem of some programs causing the laptop to freeze - for example chrome.

Has anyone got any idea what is wrong with this please and is it fixable by myself ? Im getting a new macbook for work reasons, so i'd like to refurbish this to sell/give to someone.



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Ok So I had no problem show up with Disk Utility report. However, when I ran a AHT i got an error. The error points to a voltage sensor on the logic board. Seems like i need a new logic board (which is too expensive for such an old laptop :()


Im having the same issue. when on battery the laptop runs slow (no matter which app ur working on) but it works fine once the charger is connected. Apple does not support repairs for this old laptop now. I checked with a local repair shop and they said its the keyboard which is a problem here. According to them, the battery is good. Im still not convinced that the keyboard could be a problem here. Can anyone shed some light on this for me. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


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Get a thumb drive and prep it up as a bootable drive with your current OS. Then alter the boot drive to the thumb drive (it will take longer to come up) once its restarted go unto the thumb drives application folder > Utilities folder > Disk Utility Run it fixing your internal hard drive. Is it better now?

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Ill check that when Im home. Thanks.


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Once you get disk utility report (which Dan suggested) it will let you know if drive is OK. Meanwhile you can also check if drive is not fragmented. Yes it can happen to a Mac system You can free download defrag software to check if HDD is fragmented. Though chances are less, fragmentation may also cause Mac to slow down, particularly with older drive running some big applications. Chrome may also have corrupt preference files which you can delete by navigation through its folder.

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Agreed, HD fragmentation is a big problem that many people sweep under the rug. It makes no difference which OS, system or HD you have it happens over time. SSD are different though, don't defrag them! TRIM services will do what is needed for them.


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I've listed some of the reasons below that may cause the Mac to slow down. You can follow the content below to check if these problems are causing your computer to slow down.

1. Clean up your hard drive

2. Update your macOS.

3. Manage your Startup Items

4. End processes with Activity Monitor

5. Upgrade your hardware

6. Use the Mac cleanup software. Such as Mac Cleaner of iMyMac

7. Plow through your desktop items and Clean the desktop

8. Remove extensions to make your Mac run faster

9. Clean lots of outdated cache files

10. Finder uses too much memory and Adjust Finder preferences

11.Animations and rich graphics are extremely resource-hungry. So cut down on animations

12. Reset SMC to factory settings

13. Too much temporary files in memory. So restart your Mac regularly

14. Turn off the FileVault encryption

15.Over time, permission problems occur, causing your Mac OS X to lag, freeze and even crash. Then You can repair disk permissions.

16. Clean up Downloads and Trash folders

17. Clean up Preference Panes

I hope the above method can help you.

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