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Can you identify this Part?


I disassembled my Display Assembly a month ago and was waiting for some parts to arrive.

I have the parts now (glass etc) and wanted to reassemble my Macbook. However when I look at my iFixit Project mat I have 3 screws and a plastic bracket for each hinge.

Now I know where the screws belong but I do not know (anymore) where the plastic bracket belongs.

I uploaded a pic , so you can take a look and hopefully identify the part.

Block Image

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That looks like the cover that goes on the side of the display hinge cover. There's usually one on each side, and it kind of hooks into the hinge. It's purely cosmetic, so I wouldn't worry about it too much.

I could be wrong though, haven't taken apart one of these display assemblies in a while.

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Thanks. Yeah I tried to find a Possible place for it and ended up to place the brackets at the lcd frame.

For anyone with the same problem in the future , just look from the side with a flashlight when the clutch cover is installed. If the plastic isn't installed you can see through. I guess the plastic protects from dust etc .

So first place it with the concave side facing up when looking from the side and you should see the place for the clips. Next install the hinge and you should get the idea since this is the only way it fits .


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