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Touch does not always work

When touched it does not change or place letter in box, or it places to many letters. There are times when it keeps changing screens without anything being done then it gets stuck on a screen.

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Did this happen after you replaced the screen

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No this did not happen after changing screens. This is a 1 year old iPad mini.


I had the same thing happen after I replaced the screen and digitizer but don't know what is wrong.


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This is solved with a replacement screen.

To avoid this problem:

1.) do not allow the digitizer flex to fold and make a crease

2.) properly tape both the bottom of the digitizer and the home flex to look like the original screen using kapton tape

3.) use an original quality digitizer--plan to spend $40 wholesale, $55 retail--others are low quality


If you've recently replaced the screen, check for common damage to the digitizer flex socket on the board

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