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In 2012, Sony Entertainment announced that the company would be releasing a new version of its 2006 Playstation 3 console. The new console is call the Playstation 3 Super Slim and is identified by the model number, CECH-4000. The PlayStation 3 Super Slim (CECH400x) is the third version of the PS3 video game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was released October 25, 2012.

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My PS3 has problems with discs! Any help?

Hi, my PS3 Super Slim got partially broken by my dad as he got mad and hit the table and ended up causing some kind of damage to the system. I was playing and the screen suddenly went black. After a few tries, I got GTA V working again. The problem is that Need For Speed: Rivals and GT6 won't play (my other disc games).


NFS: Rivals: When exiting Garage, drives for like 30 seconds and the music stops. The game then cuts off and returns to PS3 XMB.

GT6: Shows black screen, then returns to PS3 XMB.

GTA V: Plays, with freezing problems on some GTA Online jobs. What should I do? Thanks!

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I fixed the problem by going to Safe Mode and selecting Restore PS3 System. Thanks for the response though! I scored +1 on your post.

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Hi it's sounds like he might of messed up your lens. Try cleaning it with a q-tip and alochol and try sliding the lens back and forth to see if that helps. If not you probly would have to replace the lens. Thanks hope this helps.

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