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GPS Location Compass Problem

i dont know where to begin to look at, im sure its a hardware issue. i have already made a lot of restore, nothing fix it.

everytime i open compass, it needs to calibrate

my location is not correct in maps

is it a gps issue? how to diagnose this?

anyway, i have opened its internal a lot, lcd replacement, headphone, dock, etc.

i think i have messed up the gps module, but where is it?

its nice to have its accuracy back, i will appreciate your help.

thank you

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The GPS chip is the cellular chip itself.

To check for GPS signal, disconnect the main antenna and check if there is still cellular service and it works.

If it works, the GPS RF chain is damaged, need very through checking.

If no service, the top antenna is not working, check the RF bridge cable across the main logic board, check the top antenna connection(connected firmly by the top screw).

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thanks for the answer. i didnt diagnose it usig your instruction because i managed to troubleshoot it before you have answered the thread but im sure i know your answer will be useful

in diagnosing faulty gps. the error is caused by me, i didnt put the screw for the loudspeaker, causing the cellular antenna not to attach in the midframe, i think it is related to gps signal. and now my maps is showing the correct location

thanks for your technical answer sir.


This is not related to GPS, maybe helped the cellular network only.


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