What adhesive is safe to use

The port for the charger was pushed into the machine and broke the plastic guides that hold the port in place. What adhesive is safe to use to hold the port in place within the case of the laptop?

Block Image

The upper picture is what it looks like with the port in place

Block Image

The lower picture is what the broken plastic guides look like that should hold it in place. As you can see, the ones that are at the rear of the port and would keep it in place to plug it in are either missing, or severely bent.

The machine is a Toshiba Satellite C855-S5214.

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Aaron, this will greatly depend on what the damage looks like. It will be difficult to use any kind of adhesive due to the constant strain on the connector. Post an image of your damage and lets see if we can figure it out. Right now my suggestion is to stay away from adhesive until further evaluation. It will also help if you give us the model of your computer.


First you'll have to bend the outer casing one out of the way and try to gently bring the back one to the inside. I would suggest some rubber cement to glues the connector in place. Try to minimize any further damage to the case. Also, remember that once the DC jack is glued in place, minimize the removal of the power plug. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Thanks for your help. I will try the rubber cement. The owner has dropped it on this corner twice, the first time I was able to just reseat the jack and it was good to go. This time though, she broke this and the hinge for the screen.


looks like you are due for a new bottom case:-)


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