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La famille des Macbook a été introduite pour la première fois en mai 2006, pour remplacer la gamme portable d'Apple, les iBook.

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My trackpad is not working

My trackpad works fine to move the cursor around, but doesn't work when I try to click on anything. When I plug in an external mouse, it works fine. Is the trackpad broken, or is it possible some setting got changed.

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Does it move?


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It definitly could be a setting, unless no one else uses this mac but you and you didnt change the settings...?

When you press on the trackpad is there a clicking sound? if not the button under the trackpad may have collapsed (If the MacBook has seen a LOT of use) then the topcase will need replaced...

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there is a clicking sound, but ive heard the track pad not working is a sign of a sagging battery, which is a sign you need a purchase a new one or get apple to fix it


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