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Sorti le 19 septembre 2014, cet iPhone avec un écran de 5,5" est une version plus large de l'iPhone 6.

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Mechanical and Thermal solutions

How thick is the iPhone 6 plus aluminum enclosure?

How stiff is it?

Is there any mechanical structures inside the phone to increase stiffness?

Any thermal pads or heat pipes inside the phone?


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The iPhone as in the case of many other phones by other makers use an exoskeleton of the case and glass screen.

No phone has an interlace of girders to stiffen the structure of the phone internally. Many plastic cased phones require an inner metal case to offer the needed strength (i.e. iPhone 5c). But thats due to the softness of the plastic.

The iPhone 6 & 6 plus do not use any heat pads or heat pipes. I don't know of any smaller screened phone that has either (upto 5.5").

I'm sure some larger phones "Phablet" with super HD displays may need them as the GPU processing needed can push the heat. Even the iPhone 5s has been known to get quite warm when running very aggressive visual games for a long time.

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