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Deuxième génération de l'iPhone. Modèle A1241 / capacité de 8 ou 16 Go / coque arrière noire ou blanche. La réparation est plus simple que pour l'iPhone de première génération et nécessite des tournevis, des outils pour faire levier et une ventouse.

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What is the name of that part?

I recently changed the Headphone Jack in my iPhone and after reassembling it the carrier connection strength is very low(one ore none bar). By looking again at the Logic board I saw that one very small IC or conductor is not there anymore. . I marked it on the following image: image

Can somebody tell the exact name of the missing piece so I can get it at an electronics distributor?

thanks in advance,

André from Germany

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hi andré,

i've compared the picture with one of my higher resolution ones - it

looks like a fuse

grüße aus mittelfranken ;-)

Block Image

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This is surely no fuse. This part is like 100 times on the logic board I don't think they put 100 fuses in a Phone. Because I want to replace it it would be fine if anybody could tell me the name.


sorry - it looks like a fuse, but it's a capacitor. and surely - this part is not 100 times on your pcb


gibt es eine Möglichkeit die genaue Bezeichnung diese Kondensators herauszufinden? Können die z.B. bei Conrad Electronic rausfinden was der für daten hat(der ist da nochn paar mal an anderen stellen verbaut) oder kennst du vielleicht jemanden der das wissen könnte?


omg - i could kick myself, i've googled around a little bit and found some new infos. first of all - most people call that the "network capacitor" - but it's not even that - it's an inductor. the same part is in the SE W580 - but you don't need it at all. i've replaced the picture - connect the two spots and it will work again. i've seen the "bridge" on different sites. but the best explanation is on this one: CLICK (the others are only hardcore gsm pages)


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