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La PlayStation Vita a succédé à la PSP. Ses processeurs ont été optimisés et on a rajouté un second stick analogique. Elle a été lancée sur le marché le 15 février 2012.

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Why is my console not charging or switching on

My ps vita slim will not charge or switch on. I have tried other chargers still no response.

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2 solutions

i think it is the charging port that might be broken then, first try look inside of it to see if it is not like it should be, if everything looks fine then you could try to make a factory reset... i know it might not be the first thing you might want to do, but i had a PC VITA (1000) that got stolen, but it had the same problem, and a factory reset helped on the problem, but id it still wont work then there is only one thing to do, and that is to change the charging port/ motherboard :( .. i hope some of this will help you =/"^..^=/"

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Is it under warranty? If you bought in within a year it should still be replaceable. Call Sony.

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