This page contains replacement guides and a troubleshooting section for the Craftsman Scroller Saw Double Insulated 5/8" Stroke-Variable Speed (Model 315.10721). This handsaw was manufactured in 1979 by Sears, Roebuck and Co.

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Why is the blade getting stuck when cutting material?

When I am making a cut, specifically through metal, the blade heats up and gets stuck frequently. I have tried using the variable speeds but nothing seems to work.

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The Craftsman Scroller Saw has a wide selection of blades for cutting different types of materials. Blades meant to cut wood typically have less teeth per inch than compared to metal cutting blades. For cutting tree branches and logs, use the 6 inch blade with 7 teeth per inch on medium speed. Metals such as copper, aluminum and brass are meant to be cut using the 3 inch blade that has 24 teeth per inch on high speed. Consult the manufacturer's manual to see the complete list of recommended blades and speeds.

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