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Released August 2009, Sony's "Touch Edition" of e-book reader.

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Why can't I reset my e-reader?

I can't perform a soft reset on the reader. What is wrong?

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1 solution

Follow the steps below to perform a soft reset.

IMPORTANT: A soft reset can be performed anytime and will resolve most issues.

Locate the reset button access hole. It is labeled RESET and, depending on your model, can be found on the back or bottom of your Reader device.

PRS 500 NOTE: On the PRS-500 model, you must remove the soft cover to locate the rest button access hole.

Using a thin object such as a paper clip or stylus (included with touch models), press the RESET button.

The screen will not change after pressing the RESET button. You must now slide the POWER switch or press the POWER button (PRST1 only) to turn on the Reader device again.

NOTE: If a soft reset does not resolve the issue you are having, you may need to perform a hard reset.

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